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Plastic pipe equipment forming process

Sep. 23, 2019

There are many types of plastic pipes that can be classified, some are classified according to plastic materials, such as PVC plastic extrusion profile, PE pipes, etc. Some are distinguished according to the physical properties of the pipe, such as plastic hoses, plastic pipes, etc., which we often say.

PVC Door Frame

PVC Door Frame

In the pipe extrusion line, whether it is PVC pipe or PE pipe, the die plays a very important role in product quality, and its function is to uniformly pass the melt extruded from the extruder through the entire die section. The pipe die is adapted to the requirements of the extruded product and plays a decisive role in the efficiency and economy of the entire production line. The basic requirement for the two points of the die is that the die must be adapted to the material being machined; the die must be designed in strict accordance with the amount of extrusion and the section size of the pipe.

The production process of the general plastic hose is relatively simple at the time of production, and the plastic raw material is mainly produced into the plastic granules we need according to the formulation of the product. Then, the plastic granules enter the screw barrel of the equipment through the feeding system of the plastic extruder, and are heated and plasticized, and are cut, compressed, kneaded and the like by a screw. Finally, we extrude the shape of the pipe we need at the die of the plastic extruder. After the product is cooled by water, we can get the products we need. While some plastic tubes are produced at the die of the plastic extruder, we usually have inflatable holes to ensure the shape of the tube. Or equipped with a vacuum sizing die to aid the molding of the pipe, so the extrusion process of plastic pipe is designed according to the specific product. In addition, some composite plastic pipes require the use of multiple plastic extruders for extrusion production, or multiple plastic extruders for in-line extrusion production. We need to choose the right production process according to the specific product.

The plastic pipe extrusion process is divided into three phases:

1. Plasticizing the raw material, that is, heating and kneading through the extruder to make the solid raw material into a uniform viscous fluid;

2. Molding, that is, under the action of the extrusion parts of the extruder, the molten material is continuously passed through the forming head at a certain pressure and speed, thereby obtaining a certain sectional shape;

3. Cooling and setting, that is, the sizing and cooling treatment method will make the molten material fix the obtained shape and become a solid state (plastic pipe).

The above three stages are realized by the main machine and auxiliary machine, or extrusion unit. Specifically, the main machine is an extruder, and the auxiliary machine includes a machine head, a sizing device, a cooling device, a traction device, a cutting device, and a stacking rack.

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Extrusion and Injection Plastic Profiles


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