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Plastic extruder extrusion movement

Oct. 15, 2019

Plastic extrusion is the process of continuously making a variety of semi-finished products of different shapes through the action of the plastic between the barrel wall of the plastic extruder and the rubber screw. The extrusion process, also known as the extrusion process, is widely used in the manufacture of treads, inner tubes, hoses, and various semi-finished products with complex cross-sectional shapes or hollow, solid. It can also be used for the filtration, granulation, plasticization of raw rubber and the linkage of the upper and lower processes, such as the supplementary kneading under the internal mixer, and the rubber supply to the calender after the hot refining.

After the plastic enters the plastic extruder to form a viscous fluid, the axial force generated by the rotation of the screw further pushes the plastic forward, and the plastic is further homogenized, just like the ordinary nut moves in the axial direction. However, unlike nut movement, plastic is a kind of viscoelastic material. During the process of moving along the screw, its viscosity changes due to mechanical and thermal action, and gradually changes from viscoelastic to viscous fluid. Therefore, the movement of the plastic in the plastic extruder is like the flow of the fluid, that is to say, the movement of the plastic in the plastic extruder has both the characteristics of the solid movement in the axial direction and the fluid flow.

Plastic extruder extrusion movement

Extrusion and Injection Plastic Profiles

Functional requirements for plastic extruder PVC plastic extrusion profile production line

1. Good water quality

Plastic extruder tap water from the water plant to the user, through a long pipeline, often takes hours or even days. The pipe network is actually a large reactor. The unfinished chemical reaction of the factory water will continue in the pipe network, and the chlorine water will make new contact with the pipe wall, which may generate new reactions. These reactions are biological. , sensory, and physicochemical. Therefore, it is required that the inner wall of the pipe is resistant to corrosion and does not precipitate harmful substances into the water.

2. Construction Investment Province

The construction cost of the water supply network usually accounts for 50 to 70% of the construction cost of the water supply system. Therefore, how to determine the construction scale of the water supply pipe network through technical and economic analysis, and the proper selection of plastic extrusion cable tube production lines and equipment is the guarantee for optimizing the rationalization of the pipe network. 

3. Equipment control spirit

The water supply pipe network of a large city has a total length of hundreds of kilometers and thousands of kilometers. In such a large water supply pipe network, there are thousands of special equipments to maintain the good operation of the pipe network.

Special equipment on the pipe network includes: valves, fire hydrants, vent valves, vent valves, flushing drain valves, pressure reducing valves, check valves, regulating valves, water hammer eliminators, manholes, retractors, slag buckets, Flow measuring device, flow meter, water meter, etc. The integrity of these devices is a prerequisite for ensuring smooth operation of the pipe network and avoiding pollution.

4. High sealing performance

The water supply network is a pressurized pipe network. The pipeline has good sealing only under the condition of long-term internal and external pressure, which is the basic guarantee for continuous water supply.

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