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Sep. 07, 2019

With the continuous high prosperity of a series of sectors such as real estate, home appliances and automobiles, the demand for plastic products has also steadily increased due to the impact of the recovery of the downstream industry. The downstream application industries of injection molding machines include building materials, automobiles, home appliances, packaging, 3C industries, toys and other industries, which basically cover the entire downstream manufacturing industry and are closely related to the overall macroeconomic operation. Injection molding machine downstream applications account for a relatively large number of industries including plastic injection household items.

If you want to mass produce the same product, plastic injection profiles is the best method because of its high production efficiency, low labor cost, high tolerance, and can be used in a variety of materials. After completion, it is rarely necessary to process it, and the minimum scrap loss is The main advantages of injection molding.

Plastic Injection Profiles

Extrusion and Injection Plastic Profiles

The most common plastic product process is injection molding, which is used to make many products that are common in everyday life. Some of these products include: freezer plastic parts, precision plastic extrusion part, automotive dashboards and most other plastic products available on the market today. Most of the mouse casings are known to be injection molded, and the drinking water pipes in the home are extruded.

Injection molding is divided into horizontal injection molding, vertical injection molding, two-color injection molding, low-pressure injection molding, high-speed injection molding, etc. according to the machine.

a) Ordinary horizontal injection molding

b) The vertical injection molding machine mold is opened and closed in the up and down direction, the mold face is facing up, the insert is easy to place, and the insert molding is easy to realize. Usually used to produce connectors, wire and other products.

c) Two-color molding requires two-color molding machine and two-color molding die

d) Low-pressure injection molding is a molding method that injects the packaging material into the mold at a very low injection pressure (2-20 bar) and cures quickly (5-50 seconds). Mainly used for the packaging and protection of precision and sensitive electronic components, including: printed circuit boards (PCBs), automotive electronics, mobile phone batteries, wiring harnesses, waterproof connectors, antennas, etc.

e) High speed injection molding. Ordinary injection molding machines are pure hydraulic injection molding machines, while hydraulic injection molding machines rely on hydraulic oil to drive relatively slow running speed, while high-speed injection molding machines use servo motors to achieve opening and closing modes, ejection and release, raw material injection and storage functions, etc. In addition, the injection speed is fast, the position control is more precise, and the production efficiency can be improved.

High-speed injection molding is superior to ordinary injection molding, in addition to high efficiency and environmental protection. High-speed injection molding can be molded into a thinner wall. Many of the items in the life are blow molded, such as small water bottles, shampoo bottles, medicine bottles, large traffic barriers, ice cream cones, etc. Thick parts can greatly improve the shrinkage of the outer wall of the product corresponding to the bone position of the thermoplastic can be used for blow molding, common materials are PE, PP, PET and PVC, of which HDPE is the most used, polycarbonate (PC) also has some applications. PP can manufacture containers with high temperature resistance of 80~100°C, but it should be noted that its physical properties will deteriorate at low temperatures. PET is highly transparent and airtight, and is used in a large number of blow molded beverage bottles and pharmaceutical packaging containers.

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