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Several practical techniques for color matching of plastic profiles

Aug. 26, 2019

Several practical techniques for color matching of plastic profiles shared by extrusion plastic profile supplier.

Plastic profile products from the confirmation of drawings to finished products, need to go through a number of processes, we mainly talk about the plastic profile in the practical color matching skills.

1. The solution: according to the Customized Plastic Profile Products performance, molding process, toner characteristics, color principle, product requirements, etc. Any color, there is a certain hue, a certain brightness, a certain saturation, by changing these three factors can be transferred to tens of thousands of colors. Therefore, it is the most basic technique to master the three skills of toning, toning phase and toning difference. The principle of toning is to tone tone after tone phase, because the depth of a change in hue, hue must be changed.

2. According to customer requirements for the preliminary formula

(1) selection of pigments. According to the sample transparent, opaque or translucent to choose the colorant.

(2) comprehensive consideration of coloring cost. Cost is also a very important consideration. The price of pigment is as important as the performance of pigment.

3. Light tone: according to the target sample of plastic profile products, observe and analyze the penetration degree and hue depth, determine the proportion of black and white in the composition, determine the concentration of color toner or the proportion of fluorescent toner in the color color. Coloring power can be used in a variety of toner on the same plastic substrate to confirm, such as PP Plastic Extrusion Profile add 20 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 300 grams and other actual color degree of different have enough grasp, at the same time to master each color pigment to add a certain proportion of titanium dioxide, its color change and concentration change.

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Color mixing process, to the dark direction, to distinguish by color light is the depth of hue or black, hue can only add color powder, black can add black, of course, can add a small amount of black to deepen the depth of hue. To the light direction, according to the degree of solid color to determine the amount of titanium dioxide, if not enough solid color, need to add titanium dioxide, at the same time, other toner should be added in proportion, and then according to the depth of color and various color colorant coloring force, estimated the color colorant proportion content.

4. Color mixing phase: in theory, with red, yellow, blue three primary colors can match out of most of the color, but in fact, all the color of the stain is not pure color, but between pure color, with a photograph adjacent colors of light, such as, red pigments have Huang Guanghong red and blue, blue toner there are red, blue and green, blue, yellow pigments have green yellow and red and yellow. In the color mixing process, we should pay attention to the complementary of color light, such as bright green, you can directly use phthalein green, such as dark green will choose green light blue and green light yellow to match color, and can not use complementary red light blue and green light yellow to match color.

5. Color difference: after the depth and hue estimation, the basic formula can be determined. After making the plate, the color is matched with the standard sample, and then the color difference is corrected. Color difference and depth, fresh yan, brightness, hue of the bias.

Want to decide chromatic aberration above all in which respect, depth USES black, white pink to move, bright and fresh yandu USES dosage of add or drop chromatic powder or add fluorescent chromatic powder, brightening agent to adjust. Hue deviation can increase or reduce the amount of the toner or use complementary color relationship to adjust, but be careful: use complementary color will make the color dark.

6. How to determine the color mixing formula?

First determine the content of titanium dioxide, which is the key technology. Because, titanium dioxide content changes, the color will change a lot, the amount of other toner will change;

Analysis of the color matching sample tonal range is composed of which several colors, which is the main color, which is the secondary color, each proportion is more. (try to choose pigments that are similar to the color and light of the sample. For example, if the color is red, bright red or fluorescent red will be used as the main color if the sample is yellow.) Observe the freshness of the samples and consider whether to add fluorescent pigment or whitening agent.

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