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What are the solutions for the appearance of bubbles in plastic profiles?

Jul. 19, 2019

Plastic profile bubble solution? Here the plastic extrusion supplier.

Bubble often occurs in the plastic profile products at the end of the joint or thicker parts of the product. The product is first cooled on the surface in the model. When the outer surface is cooled, the central part is still in a hot state. The core shrinks as it cools, while the surface of the plastic has cooled, so it contracts on its own to form bubbles. There are many thick pieces that have no bubbles at the time of exit, but after a few seconds, bubbles appear at the center.

Plastic profile bubble problem is caused by those reasons, the following to see

One: thicker products, surface fat and bulge, saw section has bubbles, the reason may be:

1) the injection speed is too fast to envelop the air and cannot be eliminated, forming bubbles.

2) too much or too little feeding amount and too high injection pressure will also produce this phenomenon. If the feeding amount is appropriately adjusted, this phenomenon will be improved.

3) the cooling time is too short (especially for thick wall products), the solution can be external cooling with cold water and cold die.

4) decomposition of black lines in products, which is caused by excessive temperature. If the situation is not serious, you can appropriately reduce the temperature, if the whole barrel decomposition, then must be removed and cleaned.

5) this phenomenon will also occur when the inlet gate of the mold is too small and the exhaust is not good.

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Two: solid products have empty, and there is black phenomenon. Solid products molding, injection pressure should be low, injection speed should be slow, otherwise, the air under high pressure through friction and burning is wrapped in the product, the product has a black empty. Therefore, reduce the injection pressure and injection speed appropriately, and the cavitation phenomenon will disappear. Can also check whether the amount of adding material is too much, the appropriate reduction of some amount of adding material to improve this phenomenon is also beneficial.

Three: Plastic Injection Profiles thickness is not the same time, in the product thicker part has a small bubble, or in the product especially thick place has black bubble package inside. When forming several products of different shapes at the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of each gate and the weight of the products, otherwise, thick products are prone to bubble. At the same time also pay attention to the mold exhaust, often left in front of the mold products exhaust more difficult, easy to produce the above phenomenon. This phenomenon can be improved by modifying the mold or increasing the pressure holding time and cooling time, and the pressure in the thickening section is not enough. More importantly, when designing products, try to avoid products with extra thick parts.

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