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Advantages of extensive application of extrusion plastic profile in the building materials industry

Jul. 13, 2019

Extrusion profile products can replace steel and wood in the building materials industry, and have excellent performance unmatched by some traditional building materials, which can significantly save energy, protect the environment, improve living environment and conditions, and improve building functions. With the continuous improvement of Extrusion Plastic Profile building materials technology, its promotion and application will surely develop rapidly. At present, extruded profiles are already in a very important position in modern architecture. Because of its rich color, strong decoration, not afraid of moisture, not afraid of insects, easy to install, disassemble, and clean, it is widely used in the interior decoration industry and is favored by people.

extrusion plastic profile

1. Flame resistance: Plastics are generally flammable, which is a weakness when used as a building material. Some plastics are not only flammable but also accompanied by the release of toxic gases and a large amount of smoke during combustion. Therefore, plastics must be taken seriously as building materials, and necessary measures should be taken to prevent their flammability. If artificially modified technology, human flame retardant, inorganic filler, etc. can be added to improve its flame retardancy, making it a product with better flame resistance than wood, self-extinguishing and flame retardant. It is believed that with the rapid development of the plastics auxiliaries industry, it will not be a long time for plastic extrusion suppliers to produce flame retardant plastic building materials with excellent performance.

2. Thermal expansion: The thermal expansion coefficient of plastic is 3-4 times higher than that of traditional materials. Therefore, this should be fully considered when constructing and using plastic construction products to prevent material damage due to the accumulation of thermal stress. For example, the connection of plastic siding should be fixed by flexible connection, so that the board has room for expansion and contraction; there must be a sufficient number of expansion joints in the plastic piping system.

3.  Economical: Extrusion profile products are a good energy-saving building material to replace some traditional building materials, which will save a lot of valuable natural resources and greatly reduce the energy consumption and construction of building materials. The energy consumption of the object. The energy consumption of plastic production is much lower than that of traditional building materials. For example, the energy consumption per unit volume of PVC is only 1/4 and 1/8 of that of steel and aluminum. In terms of energy consumption: heating windows use plastic windows instead of ordinary metal windows, which can save 30%-40% of heating energy consumption; energy saving by using plastic water supply and drainage pipes instead of metal pipes can reach 50%, and the energy-saving effect is very remarkable. Therefore, the extensive use of the extrusion plastic profile has obvious economic and social benefits.

The economics of extruded profile products and building materials are also manifested in: its maintenance costs are less than traditional materials, and there is no need to apply a protective layer. In addition, the customized plastic products are light in weight, simple in installation and construction methods, and construction costs can be reduced.

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