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What are the advantages of antistatic plastic profile products?

Jul. 25, 2019

What are the advantages of antistatic plastic profile products? Following the China Custom Plastic Injection Factory would like to share with us.

Anti-static plastic profile products are made of POM plastic particles which are extruded at high temperature by extruder. It is a kind of high melting point and high crystallization thermoplastic engineering plastics. Due to its excellent properties, POM plates are ideal for machining on automatic lathes, especially for manufacturing precision parts.

Antistatic plastic profile products are a smooth, shiny hard and dense material, light yellow or white, can be used in the temperature range of -40-100 °C for a long time. Its wear resistance and self - lubrication than most engineering plastics are superior, and good oil resistance, resistance to peroxide performance. Very resistant to acid, strong alkali and ultraviolet  radiation from moonlight.

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Anti-static plastic profile product bar is a crystalline plastic, melting point is obvious, once reached the melting point, melt viscosity quickly decreased. Decomposition occurs when the temperature exceeds a certain limit or when the melt is heated for too long.

Antistatic plastic profile products have good comprehensive performance, in thermoplastic is the hardest, is one of the most close to the mechanical properties of metal plastic materials, its tensile strength, bending strength, fatigue resistance, wear resistance and electrical properties are very good, can be in -40 degrees -100 degrees between long-term use.

Anti-static plastic profile product (ESD225) is a kind of formaldehyde-like electrostatic discharge material based on pom-h material, which is suitable for handle material to prevent the discharge of parts in contact with people. It is also ideal for clamps in silicon wafer processing or for manufacturing sensitive electronic components, including hard disk drives and printed circuit boards.

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