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Different extrusion and injection molding processes in the production of plastic profiles

Jul. 28, 2019

Extrusion and injection molding processes are different in plastic profile production

Plastic profile production process, Plastic profile extrusion  process and Plastic profile injection  molding process is the most common two kinds of plastic processing process, which steps of their production process, the production process between the two is different?

Plastic profile extrusion process: in plastic processing, also known as extrusion molding or extrusion, in rubber processing, also known as pressure out. It refers to a processing method in which the material is made into various cross section products or semi-products continuously through the head of the extruder through the action between the barrel and the screw while being thermoplasticized and pushed forward by the screw. Extrusion is used in the processing of thermoplastic plastics and rubber, which can be used for batching, granulating, rubber material filtering, etc., and can be used for continuous production, such as pipe, profile, plate (or sheet), film, wire and cable coating, rubber tire noodles, inner tube tube, sealing strip, etc., with high production efficiency.

The extruder is composed of extruder device, drive mechanism and heating and cooling system. Extruder screw type (single screw and multi - screw) and plunger type two types. The former extrusion process is continuous, the latter is intermittent.

plastic profile extrusion process

The basic structure of single screw extruder mainly includes transmission device, feeding device, barrel, screw, head and die.

The auxiliary equipment of extruder consists of three categories: pre-treatment equipment (such as material conveying and drying), extrusion treatment equipment (shaping, cooling, traction, cutting or rolling) and production condition control equipment.

Plastic profile injection molding process: plastic injection molding is a method of plastic profile products, also called injection molding, will melt plastic pressure injection into plastic products mold, cooling molding get want all kinds of plastic pieces. There are mechanical injection molding machines specially used for injection molding. The most commonly used plastic is polystyrene. The resulting shape is often the final product, and no further processing is required before installation or use as the final product. Many details, such as raised parts, ribs, and threads, can be molded in one step by injection molding.

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