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How Is the Led Lampshade Made? (Part 2)

Apr. 11, 2020

Second, LED lampshade

Custom plastic led lamp shades basically use 1/2 aluminum alloy + 1 / 2PC cover, basically no glass cover.

Custom plastic extrusion led lamp shadeis roughly divided into the following types: transparent cover, transparent striped cover, diffused striped cover, milky white diffused cover.

1. Transparent cover: As the name implies, the transparent cover is a transparent PC cover. The lamp tube made of this cover can see the lamp beads, which is very dazzling and easy to dizzy, which does not meet the human requirements for light. The light transmission performance is good, and the light transmission rate can reach 91%.

2. Transparent striped cover: This cover is a semi-transparent cover, which can break up the light, but the light is not uniform enough, it will not be dazzling, and the light transmittance is about 88%.

Custom Plastic Extrusion Led Lamp Shade

Custom Plastic Extrusion Led Lamp Shade

3. Diffusion fringe mask: also known as thick fringe mask. The light transmittance of this shell is about to 86%. The products made by this shell do not seem to have the feeling of dark areas. The effect of dark areas is skillfully avoided.

4. Milky white diffuser cover: This cover is also the cover used by most manufacturers on the market. The general light transmittance of this shell is 83-85%; the light transmittance below 83 is completely invisible...

Main production process: injection molding-ultrasonic cleaning-outer surface hardening coating-bottom shell injection molding assembly


1) Extruder heating temperature error range: ± 2 ℃

2) The surface requirements of the extruded tube: the color of the extruded tube products (except the transparent tube) is uniform, and there is no obvious scratch on the visual inspection. No obvious scratches, horizontal circles or scratches on the scratches

3) Formability: uniform symmetry, no distortion

4) ① Wall thickness: standard error of pipe wall thickness ± 0.1mm

②Symmetry: The arc of the end face is symmetrical, as shown in the figure, the straight line ab is parallel to the horizontal plane, and the two end faces of A and B are symmetrical.

③Straightness of the pipe: the straightness of the pipe should be at least 1000mm. Ensure that the two edges a and b in Figure 2 are parallel.

④Bending of pipe: the standard of bending is 1000mm long, and the central bending deformation is less than 1.5mm.

Method: With the bending position as the center, the convex surface facing up, the two ends are extended by 500mm, and the distance between the bending point and the horizontal plane is not more than 1.5mm.

⑤Twisting degree of pipe: The twisting angle of both ends of 1000mm long pipe is less than 5 ℃.

4). The precision of the cutting machine: ① The required length range: ± 1mm; ② The end surface of the tube is smooth and free of burrs.

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