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The Molding Method of Plastic Extruded Profiles

Apr. 18, 2020

Custom plastic extrusion profile has become one of the main molding methods of plastic products due to its advantages of high efficiency, low investment, easy manufacturing, and continuous production. The extrusion mold can mold almost all thermoplastics and some thermosetting plastics, and can produce pipes, plates, sheets, plastic profiles, etc. In particular, plastic profiles for doors and windows have a series of excellent properties such as environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, thermal insulation and sound insulation, and beautiful and practical, which have been rapidly applied and popularized. With the rapid development of the plastic door and window industry, plastic profile extrusion dies have also achieved rapid development.

The process of extrusion cooling deformation of the extruded profile is very important for the quality of the final product. These qualities include the properties of the material such as elastic deformation, elongation at break and anisotropy: the external properties of the product such as surface quality, dimensional stability and shape Retention rate, etc. It can be seen that the cooling deformation of the profile in the mold is a key factor affecting the quality of the profile product, and the accurate design of the size of the cavity of the mold is a very critical link.

Custom Plastic Extrusion Profile

Custom Plastic Extrusion Profile

There are many ways to set the shape of the extrusion die. Generally, different sizing methods are adopted according to the type, shape, accuracy requirements and forming speed of the profile products, and sometimes a combination of several different sizing methods are used according to actual needs. The shaping methods commonly used in extrusion molding are as follows:

(1) Multi-plate setting:

(2) Slide setting;

(3) In vacuum setting;

(4) Wet vacuum setting:

(5) Vacuum sliding setting;

(6) Dry and wet mixed vacuum setting;

ABS plastic extrusion profile production technology has achieved rapid development. In order to meet the requirements of high-speed, high-efficiency and high-quality extrusion production, plastic profile extrusion extrusion molds generally use vacuum water-cooled molding methods. It can be divided into three forms: dry vacuum setting, wet vacuum setting and wet-mixing vacuum setting.

The plastic extrusion die is composed of a die head and a shaping die. These two parts respectively play the role of forming a profiled parison and cooling and shaping the parison. In the extrusion molding technology, the design of the shaping die is a very important link. The design of the shaping mold directly affects the shape, size, accuracy and appearance quality of the profile products. Therefore, the design of the shaping mold device is particularly important when producing high-quality shaping mold products.

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