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Application and characteristics of plastic bellows

Jan. 19, 2020

Plastic extrusion supplier to share with you:

Plastic corrugated PIPE refers to a tubular elastic sensitive element connected by a foldable wrinkle sheet in the direction of folding and stretching. Bellows are widely used in instruments and meters, and their main use is as a measuring element for pressure measuring instruments, which converts pressure into displacement or force. The bellows has a thin wall and high sensitivity, and the measurement range is from tens of Pascals to tens of Megapascals. Its open end is fixed, the sealed end is in a free state, and the auxiliary coil spring or reed is used to increase elasticity. During work, it is extended along the length of the tube under the effect of internal pressure, so that the movable end has a displacement that has a certain relationship with the pressure. Moving the pointer on the movable end can directly indicate the amount of pressure. The bellows is often combined with a displacement sensor to form a pressure sensor that outputs electrical energy, and is sometimes used as an isolation element. Because the expansion of the bellows requires a large volume change, its response speed is lower than that of the Bourdon tube. Bellows are suitable for measuring low pressure.

main indicators:

1. Pre-stressed hole-forming system consisting of plastic bellows and accessories should meet the needs of post-tensioned pre-stressed grouting; besides heat-welded connections between pipes and pipes, special sealed connection devices can also be provided; the entire hole-forming system is equipped with There are exhaust, drainage and grouting pipes, which can meet the needs of pressure grouting or vacuum-assisted grouting.

2. Plastic corrugated pipe, material properties meet the requirements of CJ / T3078.

3. Plastic bellows are generally black, and defects such as melt rupture, hard blocks, and severe bubbles are not allowed on the inner and outer walls. To achieve a small friction coefficient and ring stiffness, plastic bellows should be a pipe with a ring shape.

4. The plastic bellows is equipped with a sealing device that can be reliably connected with the prestressed anchor.

5. The internal cross-sectional area of the plastic bellows is at least 2.5 ~ 3 times that of the prestressed tendons.

6. The friction coefficient u of plastic bellows is 0.10 ~ 0.14, and k is 0.0008 ~ 0.0015.

7. The plastic corrugated pipe has sufficient flexibility and anti-friction to facilitate the curve arrangement and to prevent the break-through and tensile holes from breaking. It is recommended that the distance between the positioning steel bars is not greater than 0.8 meters and the minimum bending radius is 0.9-1.5 Meter.

The structural design of the plastic bellows adopts a special "annular groove" profiled cross-section. This kind of pipe has a novel design and a reasonable structure, which breaks through the "plate" traditional structure of ordinary pipes and makes the pipes have sufficient compression and impact strength. , And has good flexibility. According to the different forming methods, it can be divided into single split bellows and double wall bellows.

Features of plastic bellows:

1. Both rigid and flexible, not only have sufficient mechanical properties, but also excellent flexibility;

2. Compared with the plate pipe, the corrugated pipe of unit length has light weight, saves material, reduces energy consumption, and is cheap;

3. The smooth inner wall of the corrugated tube can reduce the resistance of liquid flowing in the tube and further improve the conveying capacity;

4, strong chemical resistance, can withstand the effects of acid and alkali in the soil;

5. The corrugated shape can strengthen the load resistance of the pipeline to the soil without increasing its flexibility, so that it can be continuously laid on uneven ground;

6. Convenient interface and good sealing performance, easy transportation, convenient installation, reducing labor intensity and shortening the construction period;

7, wide temperature range, flame retardant, self-extinguishing, safe to use;

8, good electrical insulation performance, is the ideal material for wire bushings.

Main application fields of plastic bellows:

1. Municipal water supply and drainage pipeline system;

2. Building electrical wire piping;

3. Agricultural irrigation

4. Piping of automobile oil pipeline;

Plastic Corrugated Pipe

Plastic Corrugated Pipe

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