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Characteristics Of Pvc Extrusion Material

Jan. 11, 2020

For PVC resin, a variety of pvc plastic extrusion profiles can be made using an extruder:

(I) General soft products can be extruded into cables, wires and hoses through an extruder; using injection molding machines with various molds, it can be made into soles, slippers, various plastic sandals, toys, and car accessories.

(2) PVC film After PVC is mixed with additives and plasticized, a three-roll or four-roll calender can be used to make a transparent or colored film with a specified thickness. This method can be used to process the rolled film. You can also cut and heat-process raincoats, tablecloths, curtains, bags, inflatable toys, etc. Wide transparent films can be used in greenhouses, plastic greenhouses and mulching films; biaxially stretched films can be used for shrink packaging due to their thermal shrinkage.

(3) PVC foam products When soft PVC is mixed, a suitable amount of foaming agent is added to form a sheet, which is then foamed to form foam plastic, which can be used as materials for sandals, insoles, foam slippers, and shock-absorbing buffer packaging. . In addition, it can also be extruded into low-foam rigid PVC sheets and profiles with an extruder. It is a new type of building material and can be used as a substitute for wood.

Pvc Plastic Extrusion Profiles

Pvc Plastic Extrusion Profiles

(4) PVC-coated products with artificial leather as the substrate are made by coating the PVC paste on cloth or paper, and then plasticizing it at a temperature above 100 degrees Celsius (or you can first roll PVC and additives into a film, And then laminated with the substrate); while the artificial leather without substrate is directly rolled into a soft sheet with a certain thickness by a calender, and then pressed on the pattern. Artificial leather has a wide range of uses. It can be used to make bags, suitcases, book covers, sofas, and car cushions. It can also be made into floor leather as a flooring material for buildings.

(5) PVC paste resin Disperse PVC emulsion or micro-suspension resin in liquid plasticizer, swell and plasticize it to plastisol, then add stabilizer, filler, colorant, etc., and deaeration after sufficient stirring , Make into PVC paste, and then use casting, dipping or slush molding to process various products, such as hangers, tool handles, Christmas trees and so on.

(6) PVC transparent sheet Add impact modifier and organotin stabilizer to PVC, and make it into transparent sheet after mixing, plasticizing and rolling. Then it can be made into a thin-walled transparent container by thermoforming. It can also be used in vacuum blister packaging such as moon cake packaging boxes, etc. It is an excellent packaging material and decorative material.

(7) PVC rigid boards and plates. Stabilizers, lubricants and fillers are added to PVC. After mixing, the extruder can be used to extrude products of various diameters such as rigid pipes, special-shaped pipes and corrugated pipes. Water pipes, drinking water pipes, wire sleeves or stair railings, etc .; The laminated sheets can be laminated and hot-pressed to produce hard boards of various thicknesses. The boards can be cut into various required shapes. Hot air welding into variou custom plastic extrusion profiles, etc.

Other applications of PVC: PVC can be processed into plastic extrusion door frame by using extruder for door and window assembly. In some countries, doors and windows assembled with PVC rigid profiles have occupied the market of doors and windows together with wooden doors and windows and aluminum windows.

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