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Extrusion Forming Principle And Process Characteristics (II)

Dec. 19, 2019

Plastic extrusion supplier to share with you: extrusion molding is currently one of the common plastic molding method, applies to all thermoplastics and some thermosetting plastic, forming can be all kinds of plastic tubing, rod, plate, wire and cable and profiled material etc.,

Custom Pvc Plastic Extrusion Profile

Custom Pvc Plastic Extrusion Profile

Characteristics of plastic extrusion process: 

plastic extrusion, Thermoplastic parts after leaving the nose die, plastic parts should be immediately shaped and cooled, otherwise plastic parts under the action of gravity deformation, sag or distortion phenomenon.In most cases, the shaping and cooling are carried out at the same time, only in the extrusion of a variety of rod and tube materials, there is an independent sizing process, and extrusion of thin die, monofilaments, etc. do not need the shaping, only through cooling. Extruding sheet and sheet, and sometimes through a pair of roller pressing, but also shaping and cooling effect.The shaping method of the pipe can be used with the sizing sleeve, but also with the use of special cooling die to determine the diameter, but regardless of that method, is to make the blank inside and outside the formation of pressure difference, make it close to the sizing sleeve and cooling shaping. Air cooling or water cooling is generally used for cooling, cooling speed has a great impact on the performance of plastic parts.Rigid plastic parts (such as polystyrene, low density polyethylene and rigid polyvinyl chloride, etc.) should not be cooled too fast, otherwise it is easy to cause residual internal stress, affecting the appearance quality of plastic parts;Soft or crystalline plastic parts are required to be cooled in time to avoid deformation.

4. After extruding from the die, the traction, coiling and cutting of the plastic parts will suddenly relieve the pressure and cause the expansion of the mold, while the shrinkage will occur after cooling, thus changing the size and shape of the plastic parts. In addition, as a result of plastic parts are continuously extruded, the dead weight is getting larger and larger, if not to guide, will cause plastic parts stagnation, plastic parts can not be successfully extruded.Therefore, in the cooling at the same time, to continue the uniform traction of plastic parts. The traction process is completed by the traction device of one of the extruder auxiliaries. The traction speed should be in accordance with the extrusion speed, generally the traction speed is greater than the extrusion speed, in order to eliminate the plastic part size changes, at the same time the plastic part for the appropriate stretch to improve the quality. Different plastic parts have different traction speeds. Usually, the traction speed of single filament can be faster, the reason is that the traction speed is larger, the thickness and diameter of plastic parts decrease, the longitudinal fracture strength increases, and the elongation at break decreases. Extruding hard plastic parts of the traction speed can not be large, usually the traction speed should be specified in a certain range, and should be very uniform, otherwise it will affect the size of the uniformity and mechanical properties.Plastic parts drawn by traction are cut (such as rod, tube, plate, sheet, etc.) on the cutting device according to the requirements of use, or are wound on the coiler to make a coil (such as monofilament, wire and cable, etc.).In addition, some plastic parts sometimes need to be post-treated to improve their dimensional stability.

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