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Extrusion Forming Principle And Process Characteristics (I)

Dec. 14, 2019

Plastic extrusion supplier to share with you: extrusion molding is currently one of the common plastic molding method, applies to all thermoplastics and some thermosetting plastic, forming can be all kinds of plastic tubing, rod, plate, wire and cable and profiled material etc., can also be used for plastic coloring, building material and blending, etc.The quality of extruded profile depends on the extruding mold, which is mainly composed of the head and the shaping device.

Principle and characteristics of extrusion molding

1. Principle of extrusion molding extrusion molding is mainly used for forming thermal plastics,

The forming principle of plastic extrusion is that granular or powdered plastic is first added to the hopper. Under the action of the extruder's rotating screw, the heated plastic is transported forward along the spiral groove of the screw. In this process, the plastic constantly accept plus heat and between screw and material, the material and the material and material between the cylinder and the shear friction heat, gradually melting viscous flow, and then under the effect of extrusion system, the plastic melt through the extrusion die (head) of a certain shape mouth mold and a series of auxiliary device (shaping, cooling, traction and cutting device), cross section shape of a certain plastic material is achieved.  

Plastic Extrusion

Plastic Extrusion

2. Extrusion characteristics

The equipment used in extrusion molding is extruder, which is simple in structure, easy to operate and widely used.

The characteristics of extrusion molding are as follows:

1) the production process is continuous, plastic parts of any length can be extruded, and the production efficiency is high.

2) mold structure is also relatively simple, convenient manufacturing and maintenance, less investment, fast effect.

3) the internal organization of the plastic parts is balanced and close, and the size is relatively stable and accurate.

4) strong adaptability. All thermoplastics can be extruded except fluoroplastics, and some thermosetting plastics can also be extruded.The shape and size of the cross section of the product can be changed by changing the die of the head, so that various plastic parts of different specifications can be produced.

Two extrusion molding process

The extrusion process of thermoplastics can be divided into three stages.

The first stage is that the plasticized plastic material of the plastic material changes from powder or granular to viscous material under the temperature of the barrel of the extruder and the rotating compaction and mixing of the screw.

The second stage is the forming of viscous plastic melt in the extruder screw driven by the screw force, through a certain shape of the nose die, the section and the shape of the mouth die consistent continuous profile.

The third stage is shaping through appropriate treatment methods, such as sizing treatment, cooling treatment, so that the extruded plastic continuous profile curing for plastic parts

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