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[Plastic extrusion supplier]The steps of plastic mold design

Jun. 15, 2019

The steps of plastic mold design shared by plastic extrusion supplier.

1. Acceptance of assignment

The task book of molding plastic parts is usually put forward by the product designer, and its contents are as follows:

1. The approved drawings shall be properly regulated, and the brand number and transparency of plastic shall be indicated.

2. Specification or technical requirements for plastic parts.

3. Production volume.

4. Samples of plastic parts.

Usually the mold design task book is put forward by the plastic parts technologist according to the molding plastic parts task book, mold designers to mold plastic parts task book, mold design task book as the basis to design the mold.

Collect, analyze and digest the original data

Collect and organize the related parts design, forming process, forming equipment, mechanical processing and special processing data for the purpose of designing molds.

1. Digest the plastic parts diagram, understand the USES of plastic parts, analyze the technical requirements of plastic parts, such as the dimension accuracy. For example, what are the requirements of plastic parts in terms of appearance shape, color transparency and performance, whether the geometric structure, inclination, insert parts and other conditions of plastic parts are reasonable, whether welding mark, shrinkage hole and other molding defects are allowed, whether there is no coating, electroplating, glue connection, drilling and other post-processing. Choose the size of plastic parts with the highest accuracy for analysis, to see if the estimated molding tolerance is lower than the tolerance of plastic parts, can be molded to meet the requirements of plastic parts. In addition, it is necessary to understand the plasticization and molding process parameters of plastics.

2. Digest the process data and analyze whether the molding method, equipment model, material specification, mold structure type and other requirements proposed in the process specification are appropriate and whether they can be implemented.

The forming materials shall meet the strength requirements of plastic parts and have good fluidity, uniformity, isotropy and thermal stability. According to the use of plastic products, molding materials should meet the requirements of dyeing, gilding, decorative properties, necessary elasticity and plasticity, transparency or opposite reflection properties, adhesive bonding or welding.

plastic extrusion supplier

3. Determine the molding method

Direct pressure, cast pressure or injection method.

4. Select molding equipment

According to the type of molding equipment to carry out the mold, so it is necessary to know all kinds of molding equipment performance, specifications, characteristics. For injection machine, for example, in terms of specifications should know the following content: the injection capacity, clamping pressure, injection pressure and mould installation size, ejection device and size, nozzle hole diameter and the nozzle radius of sphere, gate location ring size, mould maximum thickness and the minimum thickness, templates, travel, etc., see the related parameters.

To make a preliminary estimate of the mold dimensions, determine whether the mold can be installed and used in the selected injection machine.

5. Specific structural programme

(I) determine the mold type

Such as die (open, semi-closed, closed), casting die, injection die, etc.

(ii) determine the main structure of the mold type

The choice of ideal mold structure is to determine the necessary molding equipment, the ideal number of mold cavity, in absolutely reliable conditions can make the mold itself to meet the requirements of the plastic parts technology and production economy. The technological requirements of plastic parts are to ensure the geometric shape, surface finish and dimensional accuracy of plastic parts. The requirement of production economy is to make the cost of plastic parts low, the production efficiency high, the mould can work continuously, the service life is long, save labor.

That's all for the sharing, thanks for your reading, and we also supply custom plastic extrusion for sale, if you have any demand for our products, just feel free to contact us.

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