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The key factor of plastic extrusion process - process stability

Jun. 25, 2019

The key factor of plastic extrusion process - process stability

For the conventional extruders of various custom plastic extrusion supplier, the following problems usually exist in use: 1. Improper control of process conditions and pulsation of motor load will cause fluctuations in temperature and pressure of the extruder, affecting the quality of the extruder. 2. With the increase of extrusion pressure, countercurrent flow and leakage flow will inevitably increase, making the whole extrusion flow rate decrease. At the same time, when the screw pushes the material, the power consumed will be large, the shear force on the material will be large, and the energy consumption will increase. 3. In the blending modification of polymer, it is necessary to increase the length of measuring section in order to make the extrusion have uniform temperature and pressure distribution, but this will increase the difficulty and cost of screw processing, and increase the residence time of materials, which is not conducive to the processing of heat-sensitive materials. How to solve this problem, we through the company's imported equipment of large extruder structure analysis, that it is best to use a high temperature melt gear pump, the purpose of the gear pump, mainly let the polymer melt plasticizing section and metering separated, independent to the head of the melt. The pump is actually a positive transfer device, its outlet pressure is not affected by the inlet pressure change, volume efficiency and energy efficiency is very high. It can not only meet the operational stability of the equipment, so as to improve the quality of products, but also meet the requirements of high efficiency and low energy consumption.

At the same time, the melt pump equipped with the extruder has the biggest characteristic of stable extrusion pressure, which can increase output, reduce wear, increase the flexibility of the production line, reduce melt temperature and reduce energy consumption. As a qualified plastic extrusion products manufacturer in the enterprise's extruder, may be considered appropriately.

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