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What are the quality standards and characteristics of plastic profiles?

Aug. 08, 2019

What are the quality standards and characteristics of plastic profiles? Shared by Customized Plastic Products supplier.

The so-called standard refers to the provisions that must be complied with within a certain scope after certain examination and approval procedures. And plastic parts quality standards (also known as technical standards) is the embodiment of industrial standards, is directly used to measure the quality of plastic parts scale, is the quantitative embodiment of plastic parts quality characteristics, is also the organization of plastic industry production activities, quality management of the main basis. Plastic profile quality standards are characterized by the following:

Adaptability and advancement: the standard should not only adapt to the current production, and to promote the development of production, standards to be formulated shall take into account the current production situation and development trend, namely the standard can not be set too high, so that it is difficult to achieve, and can't set too low, in order to make easy to achieve, it pursuit of advanced, scientific and reasonable standard.

Relativity and lag: extrusion plastic profile quality standards once enacted, such as not to make a revision will not have changes, should be implemented by this standard, but production is always in the forward development, some development is also quite fast, take plastic industry for example, a lot of new resin is constantly produced, a lot of new products are constantly emerging. But changes in quality standards have not kept pace. Therefore, any plastic quality standards are in a certain condition is advanced, scientific and reasonable.

Tri-Proof Light Tube/Tri-Proof Light Pipe

Tri-Proof Light Tube/Tri-Proof Light Pipe

Revisability: production is growing, especially in the plastics industry, which is growing faster. When the production development to a certain extent, the original standard is not conducive to the further improvement of the quality of Customized Plastic Products, the original standard should be revised or reformulated. However, this one job is carried out by concerned branch according to certain procedure, its purpose is to assure the advanced sex of the standard. The production unit shall have no right to modify standards other than those formulated by the enterprise itself.

In order to promote the faster development of production and ensure the advancement of standards, we should try our best to adopt international standards. The adoption of international standards is an important technical and economic policy in our country. We should study and actively adopt international standards and foreign advanced standards.

Seriousness: once the standards are approved and issued, they are technical laws and regulations. Production, construction, scientific research, design and management departments at all levels, as well as enterprises and institutions, must strictly implement the standards. No unit shall arbitrarily change or lower the standards under any circumstances.

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